Explore and Experience

Explore & Experience is a 2hour session we have created and recommend to all new clients who would like to address their skin issues.  

Your journey into reviving and strengthening your skin health begins in the most powerful way possible – with our high tech Observ diagnostic skin imaging system that allows us to see much deeper down into your skin structure than is possible with our naked eye.

Observ imaging helps us get to the very bottom of your skin issues so that we can create a perfectly suited skin plan for you moving forward, and we can even address underlying skin issues BEFORE they become visible. Such a gift to your skin.

Your Skin Coach will take the time to make sure we understand exactly what your skin needs and goals are, and will educate you on how to most easily get there. We will explore the best options for you moving forward, holistically – skin, mind, body and soul.

Next, your 90 minute Customised Facial Experience will be a deeply relaxing and transformative skin treatment, plus breathwork, energy, sound and crystal healing to raise your healing resonance to another level, internally and externally.

With years of experience treating skin, we absolutely know that every single person achieves their best results when they use customised skincare and so we have created an additional special offer to get your skin on the perfect pathway – because we seriously love nothing more than seeing our clients glow from skin to within!

2 hrs | $299

Discovery Session

Whether in house or online we delve into where you are at with your skin and internal health and where you want to go. Your Skin Coach will create a collaborative wellness map with you, one that makes sense, is effective, and suits you. We provide science backed & soul based solutions to treat you from skin to within.

70 minute | $149

Discovery with Pia

The expertise, knowledge base & healing alignment offered in these sessions is ever growing & expanding. 

Pia is an award-winning Skin Therapist, Naturopath, Educator, Global Keynote Speaker and Mentor, Spiritual Guide and has many other certifications in a full spectrum of holistic health paradigms.

She is renowned for her ability to be able to link complex health and emotional concepts with accessible and empowering education. The release and transformation of fears, conditions, limiting beliefs and trauma, and the deeper remembering of personal freedom, inner connection and love and acceptance of self is life-changing for those who choose to commit to the journey. This is a true alignment of inner and outer life!

Your discovery session may include:  

  • Discovering the root cause of your current concerns IS the most powerful aspect of these sessions! 

  • Pia identifies all types of inflammatory triggers. These could include limiting beliefs, fears, shame, self-judgements, as well as lifestyle, environmental, emotional, ancestral/genetic, skin, nutritional and more.

  • Naturopathic care (eg further functional testing)

  • Blood test, skin, tongue and iris analysis

  • Education around your body – how and why it is functioning as it is, and what can be implemented to create the change you desire

  • Dietary changes, suggestions & support

  • Supplement, Herbal Medicine and Flower Elixir scripts

  • Emotional and Mindset coaching

  • Spiritual and Soul Connection Coaching

  • Ancestral Healing and Timeline Therapies

  • Embodiment, Breathwork, Channelled Activations

  • Free and paid training resources that help you through your journey

  • A personalised, in-depth Wellness Map email after the session is provided, designed as a long term support resource, that you can refer to for the rest of your life

All change requires being willing to challenge what we’ve been taught, what we currently believe, think, speak, and how we behave. Changing your health and wellness trajectory from less than optimal to thriving means learning to look at things from different perspectives, perspectives that may not reflect or match your current beliefs and life choices. And so just by seeing Pia you know you are ready, you are choosing to create a new reality, you are making a shift, you are ready to begin making changes to your life.

This is a collaborative, loving, non-judgemental space. Together we identify the barriers keeping you from claiming your truth, power and light, from hearing and listening to your own inner wisdom and guidance, and celebrate each step you take towards living your most authentic, heart centred, most vital and vibrant life!  

Want to find out more?

As a reflection of Pia’s time spent dedicated to your growth, abilities and abundance of empowering educational support and energetic resources provided for you, the monergy exchange will be $299 per session.

Please note – An intensive and extensive range of foundational skin, health and wellness questions (as well as recent medical tests and images) is asked for prior to the session to ensure Pia’s foundational knowledge of your unique health history is incredibly detailed, mapped out and thoroughly assessed. 

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