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Pia has built an incredible collection of resources to ensure we can provide you with the tools, support, strategy, and accountability that you need to implement a strong, cohesive wellness journey – one that incorporates totally aligned self-empowerment, self-connection and self-love practices. Ready to reclaim your sovereignty, forge a deep relationship with your highest self, overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, and access your powerful heart and unique gifts?

Pia can take you there! Working together, you will get clear on the habits and patterns that are holding you back from your best skin, your optimal wellness, your connection to your soul, your spirit guides, your star family. 

Pia specialises in helping Lightworkers, those amazing souls who have a calling to serve their tribe, humanity, earth, and the unfolding collective ascension. Lightworkers aren’t just channels and spiritual guides. They are people who have awakened to their higher spiritual purpose, and can be found shining their light, love and compassion in just about every profession you can imagine around the globe! If you’re reading this, no doubt you are one. Want to check if you have the qualities of a lightworker? Read more here.


What life coaching can do for you...​

Pia is here to encourage you to radiantly share your light with the world as you live your best, most joyful, abundant, and fulfilling life!

Are you ready to step into your most powerful, radiant and authentic skin and self?

Book your free 15min phone chat here, and let’s work out what you most need and desire, and how we can help you achieve that.


Our soon to be life coach... Taylor

I am currently studying life coaching with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. I chose to study with BYCA because they focus on coaching people from the heart. If you have met me before, you’d know I’m all about love, kindness & compassion. Heart centred coaching feels aligned to my soul and complements how we think, live and treat at Inspiration Place. I can’t wait to share my journey with you all and begin supporting beautiful souls through their journey, from skin, to within. With love, Taylor xx

Are you a light worker?

You are aware that your personal transmutation of ego stories, attachments, fear or shame or unworthiness based thoughts, feelings, or actions serves not only to you but the greater collective. This means you been through really challenging situations, and sometimes you’ve even hit the very bottom as you needed to fully experience darkness.You are gradually learning to anchor and embody more light in all of 4 Aspects of Self (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), and you are ready and willing to help others do the same.

So many lightworkers have spent a huge proportion of their lives feeling like they don’t quite belong, like they are on the outside looking in. This can manifest as hypervigilance, a feeling of unease being IN your body, disconnection from others, a fear of deep intimacy, a sense of isolation, and even unexplained constant feeling of homesickness, like something out there is calling to you but you don’t know who or where.  “Who am I? Why am I here?” are two questions that may have followed you everywhere. Ever since you remember, you’ve been contemplating your place in this world, your purpose, and the meaning of life.


You can feel, and even hear, the prayer of your heart, the calling of your soul, and you know there is a greater destiny for you, and you are feeling more and more attracted to it! It can make you feel impatient, afraid and anxious if you haven’t quite figured it out yet… and this can lead to numbing and/or addictive behaviours as you desperately try to cover up the call that you’re not sure how to answer. You’re spending more time than ever on personal and/or professional development because you want to release the old ways, and create a new earth that is based on freedom, abundance, connection and love. Your divine service IS within you.


Always keen to learn more, know more, grow and evolve more in any or all of the different dimensions of your being. You are willing to lean in, to learn, feel, and experience the journey beyond the veil, beyond the human 3D illusion. You feel motivated to consistently connect to your surroundings, and understand more of your worldly experience, because your mind is always searching to answer that higher calling.


Source energy, Sophia, Christ, God, Universe, Mother Earth, Us, Oneness, Higher Self, Angels, Star Family, Councils of Light, Arcturians, Pleidians, Lemurians, Atlantians, Venusians, Andromedans, Syrians, Gods and Goddesses, Dragons and more, are part of your connection. You understand that all of existence, including your thoughts, is vibration, frequency, energy and part of a quantum universe almost unfathomable by our brain, and although you may not fully understand the connection or what you believe, you know that the process of trying to understand and grow closer to the higher power is beneficial, it is fulfilling, it is expanding you.


You’ve always felt the urge to help others, and you can feel what others feel very deeply. Navigating this can be very challenging, there is much to be conscious and aware of, and until more boundaries are embodied you may have felt a huge drain on your resources (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energy, financial etc). Sensitivity includes most stimulation, including artificial lighting, noise, EMFs and dense energy environments – you can get really drained, need to withdraw and disconnect to recuperate.


Questioning authority and the need to conform is second nature. You know that rules only exist to create a false sense of security, and that there are layers of control in our society designed to keep people (and their dreams and imaginations) squashed, oppressed, and repressed.

Being a lightworker (aka earth angel) is not an easy path, and I honour your journey, wherever you are on the path. You are rising into soul expansion and the frequencies of love and above - and I am keenly aware that it's not all smooth sailing!

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