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We are a team of souls who support and guide people in transforming both their inner and outer lives. Inspiration Place is a multidimensional wellness centre here to inspire and move you to awaken the connection to your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul – “from skin to within” is our motto, where no part of you is left behind, and every part of you is nourished!

The Inspiration Place Team are Holistic Skin Practitioners, Corneotherapists, Wellness Coaches, Educators, and Spiritual Mentors, Light Workers, ambassadors of self-love, self-connection and self-mastery. 


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I’m an incredibly passionate wellness practitioner, with a very broad knowledge and education foundation grown and developed with love and compassion over my entire lifetime. I have over 25+ years experience in the skin, beauty and wellness industries and am proud to be the founder of Melbourne’s premier holistic skin and energy wellness clinic and online space. 

My love for evolving and expanding my (and my team’s!) ability to serve has seen me learn from almost every master educator in the beauty and skin industry, as well as attending countless seminars and workshops on all topics of psychology, physiology and spirituality. I have completed certification in business leadership, NLP, Reiki, Qi Gong, Feminine Embodiment Yoga, Quantum Healing, Mindfulness, Breathwork and more, as well as my Bachelor of Health Sciences – Naturopathy degree. I’m also a published author, an industry educator and keynote speaker. 

If you’re not familiar with Naturopathic medicine, let me introduce you! This is a science-based medicine that stimulates your own inner wellness potential by providing holistic (or whole body) care. I spend time identifying your incredibly individual physiological, psychological, and structural aspects affecting your health, and then employ both ancient and modern treatment methods from various systems of healthcare and non-toxic natural therapies to restore balance, harmony, ease and flow – from skin to within.

Naturopathic medicine, and the entire Inspiration Place approach, looks at treating the underlying causes of dis-ease, disorders or illness, rather than just the symptoms! If you get to root cause, you get potent long term and life-changing results.

I truly believe that every person, at any age, can feel confident and radiant in their skin, mind and body. When you are feeling great in the skin you’re in, you can connect with the world and others more, you do live your life fully expressed, with more radical self-love, feeling happy and on purpose – you are a divine soul that radiates joy, warmth and love! And that’s an amazing feeling.

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As a Holistic Skin Therapist that has been through a wild journey of remembering who I truly am – by learning to love myself again and again, and releasing so much projection and fear – I truly, deeply love looking after people that are, or have, struggled with acne, breakouts/congestion, scars and feelings of low-self worth.

I had struggled with almost constant breakouts for over 8 years, and I tried so many different skin therapists over the years that gave me so many different products, suggestions, opinions and theories –  but not one person ever told me to look on the inside. 

When I started working with Pia I truly started learning not only about skin, health and wellness – but about myself. I slowly learnt that it wasn’t just about what I was putting on my skin, or the treatments I was doing. It was about every single part of myself. My thoughts, my beliefs, the food I ate, how I handled my past, how I thought about my present, the way I breathe, the way I create my life, my understanding of how my skin and body functions, and also how I function within the world at large.. 

I had suffered with eating disorders, addictive behaviours and self belief problems for almost my whole life.. this had a huge impact on my internal health and mental wellbeing. With the guidance of someone who truly wanted to see me grow and thrive, I was finally able to begin to help myself, connect to myself and step into the best version of myself.

My skin and wellness journey was life changing and – of course – challenged me many times. But I wouldn’t be who I am today without my skin, and my journey!!

At Inspiration Place I am honoured to work with anyone who is ready to begin their own journey – I’m here to help you take each step (no matter how small or big!) into self-mastery through self-awareness and heart connection! I utilise a wide range of skills to assist you through the challenges that do come up, as well as celebrating with you the ease and flow and beauty that you are creating. My clients describe me as knowledgeable, loving and nurturing. If you are feeling curious, I invite you to follow the inspiration – please come and experience for yourself, I’d love to connect with you.

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