Customised Facial Experiences

Every facial experience that you have with us will be customised to YOU. We specialise in SKIN and offer advanced skin treatments but we are also experts in creating mind blowing multi-sensorial facial experiences, so be prepared to experience deep relaxation and complete rejuvenation.

Your powerfully intuitive therapist will spend time tuning in to what your skin and energetic requirements are before your hands on session commences, to ensure that the structure of your treatment is unique to your specific needs. We create time at the beginning of each session to discuss what your needs are, how your skin feels and what your energy levels are like so that we can then create a plan for both your skin and energy to glow, from skin to within.

Your Facial Experience may incorporate any of the following:

Dermaviduals Skin Care ✭Enzyme Exfoliation ✭ Steaming  ✭ Omnilux LED Light ✭  MesotherapyRadio Frequency ✭ High Frequency ✭ Reiki ✭ IPL ✭ Skin Needling ✭ Qi Beauty Balls ✭ Face & Body Massage ✭ Essential Oil Therapy ✭ Guided Meditation ✭ Facial Meridian Pressure Point Massage ✭ Advanced Skin Masks ✭ Naturopathic Advice ✭ Skin Care Education ✭ Sound Healing ✭ Wellness Coaching ✭ Flower Essences ✭ Facial Lymph Drainage ✭ Kinesiology ✭ Qi gong ✭ Yoga stretches ✭ Gua sha massage ✭ Candle Rituals ✭ Quantum Healing & Activations ✭ Breathwork

​When booking a facial with us, all you have to do is choose from the three sessions below. The time frame you choose from below will dictate how many tools we can use in your session - the longer the session, the greater the magic and activation!


1 hour | $205


1.5 hours | $290


2 hours | $370

Qi Energising Facial


Qi Beauty is Exclusive to Certified Practitioners | $222 75MIN Qi Beauty Facial

Qi Beauty guarantees a visible difference after just one treatment with  a constellation of benefits working with the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.  During the Qi Facial Experience an application of 1000 or more 24ct gold magnetic balls are placed on your face in a tailored “matrix”. This is done with natural ionic gels, creams, serums and nutrients which deliver a luxurious facial with lasting results. The Qi stimulation facial is perfect for anyone who wishes to age gracefully and for anyone wanting an improvement to the quality of their skin.

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