Skin Needling or Microneedling

Also known as Collagen induction Therapy (C.I.T), this is one of our favourite modalities for treating a range of skin types and conditions  (ageing, scarring, pores, pigmentation and more). Clinical Skin Needling is the only rejuvenation treatment that maximises penetration of essential cell nutrients and encourages the greatest release of growth factors associated with full skin rebuilding.  EVERYONE LOVES IT! Pre-prep and post CIT maintenance will be required for you to receive the very best long term outcome, including both home and in salon care.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

80 MIN | $444

Commonly referred to as skin needling or dermal needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT) can produce the most dramatic improvement in skin rejuvenation.

This is our go to for all skin correcting!

Highly effective in treating photo-aged conditions, wrinkles, elasticity, enlarged pores, pigmentation, scarring and overall anti-aging maintenance. We incorporate our LED Omnilux and epi-nouvelle mask for ultimate results and minimal “downtime”.

Our in clinic medical needling device utilised 9 super fine surgical stainless steel needles that oscillate at an incredibly high rotation in and out of the skin. These needles create channels into the epidermis and dermis to release growth factors and ensure the deposition of normal, healthy collagen. This is similar to how fraxel laser works – without all the negative side effects (such as loss of dermal papillae, potential destruction of melanocytes and production of abnormal collagen etc).

Main Benefits of Microneedling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many names for the same thing – this non-invasive treatment can successfully remodel and renew both your epidermal and dermal layers (the upper and lower parts of your skin). We use incredibly fine needles that oscillate at super fast speeds just beneath the surface of the skin, creating micro-wounds. These tiny, specific and very controlled micro-wounds cause the generation of powerful surges of collagen and elastin, two primary elements of healthy, smooth, bright and clear skin. This clever face rejuvenation treatment effectively and immediately kick-starts your skins cell turnover, cell communication and optimal cell and tissue functioning.

This is the ONLY clinically proven skin needling machine shown to reduce wrinkles and treat acne scarring. Exceed has been specifically proven to reduce the depth of acne scars and to normalise the skin structure, restoring skin back to health. The EXCEED CIT device has achieved the highest level of safety body approval available globally, approved with the FDA and listed with the TGA as a class 2B medical device in Australia, and Medsafe listed in New Zealand.

This answer always depends on your individual treatment plan, the intensity of your treatment plan timing, & the specific cells and skin processes being targeted. This is why we work so closely with you to clearly map out how to prioritise and maximise both your internal and external health – so we can accelerate your rejuvenation process as much as possible! The absolute beauty of this treatment is that the collagen induction benefits continue for up to 12 months and longer, and so the choices you continue to make for both your internal and external health WILL make long term differences to the outcome potential of your treatments. We take OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Imaging before and after to track your progress over time.    

Used to improve conditions like acne scarring (TGA approved for acne), fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, accelerated ageing, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, pigmentation, capillaries, redness, stretch marks, and other skin issues. This treatment is an all-rounder, and can improve the health of any skin (at any age too!) when performed correctly and with the right support pre and post treatment.

More uncomfortable than painful, the incredible design of the fully adjustable EXCEED device means that we do not have to use anaesthetic – which is preferential for the best skin outcomes. We work with you to ensure your greatest comfort, and are experts in using the needling device across even the most delicate areas.

The beauty of this treatment is there is no downtime, however your skin may be red, and feel hot and sensitive for 24 – 48 hours. Very rarely bruising may occur. You can attend work or social events post treatment, however we suggest keeping pretty quiet immediately afterwards! We do suggest avoiding make-up application and any activities that make you sweat 24 hours post treatment, and avoiding direct sun exposure for 7 days post treatment. Your skin may flake a little 3-5 days post treatment. *Please avoid any anti-inflammatory medications immediately pre and post treatment as these interfere with the natural healing response.

We are very strict about skin preparation prior to CIT (remember that this is a controlled skin wound, and as  such deserves the greatest respect!), as well as what you apply to your skin immediately after your treatment, as well how you care for your skin over the long term. We are shocked that some operators do not take this part of the process more seriously – a lot happens inside your body during any wound initiation process. This is why we offer such a thorough Skin and Health Assessment before commencement. Best practice also dictates this is more than a one-off treatment, which is why we offer packages (we reward our clients for their skin dedication!). Always keep in mind that what you, and your skin, personally need is always different to anyone else, and so your unique skin plan is mapped out in your consultation.

Our Skin Needling sessions also includes Omnilux LED, lymphatic stimulation massage, as well as the EPI-NOUVELLE Microbiome treatment mask… and our signature massage, energy work and meditation, of course!

CIT is absolutely better for long term skin rebuilding results! Botox is a toxin being injected for temporary and fairly instant muscle paralysis – it is not contributing anything to build skin resources, simply freezing some of your face structures. CIT does not have the same effect, as all of your skin structures are able to move as usual. If you do have, or are considering botox please know that you CAN have this alongside CIT treatments, we just need to work on your skin pre-botox or pre-filler.

Like anything which is done badly, yes it can. We are so sorry to hear and see stories of people who have not researched enough about their clinic, the device they use, and the pre and post care that is required for best outcomes. Please delight in the knowledge that we are skin needling experts, highly trained, highly skilled and complete skin professionals, with many years of experience.

Generally speaking we recommend between 3-6 treatments at 4-6 week intervals, however it all depends on what is being treated and why, as well as how quickly you want results. We suggest single maintenance treatments of 1 – 4 times a year thereafter, again depending on what results you are seeking.

We certainly aim to be so! Perhaps this is why we are regularly booked out with skin needling treatments. We are an award winning clinic, and we take our multi-modality approach to skin, health and wellness very, very seriously. Your skin is our life, and we are skin needling experts.

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