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When we tune into breathwork + our breathing with awareness, we are offering ourselves the opportunity to tune into our life force, to our connection with our Self, and with the world.

For those feeling sceptical about the power of your own breath, and how much of a difference it makes, and how connected all parts of you and your existence are to it –  try holding it in for as long as possible, in a safe way of course!

How do you feel, what do you notice?

A person can typically hold their breath for 30-90 seconds before the urge to breathe again becomes too strong – and for good reason! We need that exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to operate – although the way we breathe is much, much more than just that simple exchange.

Without a doubt our breathing is controlled by physiological or biological needs—these involve complex chemical and mechanical processes, including  posture, movement and physical forces, to support our survival.

However, what many people don’t realise is how our breath is also controlled by our psychological and emotional needs, by changing moods and perceptions of our reality —and these can be both conscious and unconscious processes.

Our breath is with us from our first moment on this earth until our last, and can be considered THE bridge between our inner and outer worlds.  

A persons inner world is made up of all your physiological and biological aspects (including all cellular, tissue and organ functions, your heart rate, breath rate and so on), as well as your beliefs, thoughts, memories, stories, needs, values and desires… the inner dramas, the patterns and habits, the struggles, pains, the reasons why we do what we do, what really drives us (usually unconscious), what we really feel and what we really want (usually suppressed!).

Your outer world is made up of social and environmental forces – people, places, objects, where you go, what you see, what you do, how you communicate, and also includes “harder to see” things like chemicals and EMFs.

Most of the time we are on the surface, or even pay all attention to the outer world. Most of us are so immersed in the hustle and bustle we have forgotten our connection to our breath, to our heart, to our gut, to who we are and how we truly feel.

The inner world and the outer world must go together, they must harmonise, unite, associate and connect. Otherwise, what will happen?

Disharmony? Dis-ease? Disconnection? Dissociation?

Perhaps too many people in our world have become so fixed in their ‘doing’, so reliant on their outer story to distract them from their inner one, that they have lost touch with their essence, their truth, their authenticity, their vital life force, with who they are.

Maybe this is why chronic disease is so common, as is anxiety, depression, perfectionism, procrastination and even suicidal ideation. 

It is often the belief that it is only when we find ways to explore, nourish and connect with our inner world,  we live in our outer world with true fulfilment, satisfaction, purpose and love.


The Inspiration Place Breathwork Journey Facilitator team are Pia Kynoch and Taylor Jade. They are holistic practitioners, skilled teachers, expert breath journey guides and nurturing retreat hosts, fully focused on your care and your most enlightening, expansive and powerfully self connected experience possible.

You’ll learn conscious connected breath techniques that have the potential to transform your inner and outer world – Let’s breathe together through areas of stuckness, density and contraction, through our resistance, so that we can invite inspiration, positive change and conscious growth in our lives.

Breathwork can be a toll and resource to help energetically clear out all which no longer serves you as you physically move your breath intentionally and thoroughly through your body.

Participants experience non-ordinary states of consciousness as the breath journeys help to illuminate and even resolve emotional blocks, assist moving beyond limiting patterns and help find and create a deep, rich sense of inner peace, clarity, strength and alignment. This is especially important in these ongoing times of great upheaval, uncertainty and change. Some people discover a greater connection to their sense of spirituality, intuition and states of higher consciousness.

We are so honoured to guide you on these journeys within. We all want to experience more ease, confidence, radiance, joy, love and grace. 

The most beautiful thing about breathwork with us?

We can teach you to access, awaken, integrate and claim these states WITHIN your own body utilising YOUR OWN incredible breath as the guide!

Many people often feel nervous, and/or excited, before a breath journey! We want to let you know that this is normal and we are here to hold you through these feelings. Our body is anticipating the mind & body connection and the liberation that is available.

Our Next Breathwork Journey

Our next event is looking like Sunday the 25th of August!

This will be a three hour event held in Richmond, VIC.

What to expect; Breath work, Movement, Tapping, Vocal toning, Sound/music, Non-invasive compassionate touch, Interpersonal connection, Reflection, insight and journaling time

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