Yes! We have chosen to close the
Best Holistic Skin & Wellness
Centre in Brighton

Inspiration Place has truly been an incredible journey for all involved.

I, Pia Kynoch, would like to thank every single being who supported us and celebrated us.

Sending waves of appreciation, love and light to all our beautiful clients who thoroughly enjoyed the incredibly unique, powerful, nurturing and healing experiences that Inspiration Place was renowned for. Thank you!

I was gifted this space to transform lives and I will continue to do so through my 1-1 online coaching, Naturopathy, Breathwork and Educational sessions, as well as different podcasts and articles.

I’ll also be sharing more on my YouTube channel!

I am so committed to following the prayer of my heart, and this new iteration is a reflection of this process for me.

Being able to show up, offering and sharing wisdoms from all the different disciplines I have been deep diving into over my learning journey is part of my greatest excitement, passion and purpose!

If you would like to learn more about what I can offer you, please reach out to me at or sign up to my newsletter here.

Or check out my Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Wishing you a beautiful journey, and I hope to connect with you again very soon.

Blessings and Love!

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