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Caring for your skin holistically means revealing and treating the root cause of your skin condition with care and respect topically with skin products and treatments as well as internally with nutritional support, emotional regulation and nervous system support.

You are a complex human with integrating systems, we want them all working in harmony

Our Top 3 Experiences

Skin Check In
30 MIN | $30

Dermaviduals Prescription Skin Care review with our Skin Queen Taylor! You’ll receive a complete prescription review and have the ability to address and talk about everything skin related – skin, health & wellness, basic nutrition advice, self care, personal goals, mindset, intentions, spirituality, energy. Every skin check in will be complete with a detailed email with an overview of everything discussed. 

Discovery Session With Pia
60 MIN | $299

If you’re not feeling settled in your body, or your life, it is a great sign that there is something a bit óff’, NQR, some dis-ease in your body. That could be one or all of your 4 ‘bodies’ – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual that have lost their resonance, their harmony, their flow. Wellness Sessions with Pia are all about linking complex health and emotional concepts with accessible and empowering education. Her tailored and holistic approach will support you on your journey to wellness.

Distance Reiki Energy Healing Rebalance
70 MIN | $122

Experience Distant Reiki with our Reiki Master Brenna. Reiki is a relaxing, nurturing energy healing experience that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Your practitioner connects to the quantum space – to the universal life force of natural healing energy vibrations – acting as a conduit to assist your body and energy fields. Brenna has a lifetime of Reiki experience and her energy is deepling nurturing and loving. 

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About Us

Inspiration Place was birthed from the strong and highly respected foundations of Verve Skin Beauty Wellness, one of Melbourne’s premier skin clinics originally founded almost 35 years ago. We are a holistic wellness centre providing a unique and powerful integration of science, skin, naturopathy, spirituality, and other complementary therapies to find and treat ‘root cause’ so that we can transform our clients’ skin, mind, body and soul in a long term, sustainable, nourishing and evolving way.

How We Work


We take the time to learn what you need and want from your skin, body, wellness and life!


Together with you we explore how best to support you in your journey towards your skin, soul or wellness goals.


You will be provided with a plan to treat your concerns which may include skincare, supplement, diet changes or soul support.


We will check in with you regularly to ensure you are getting the results you desire and are doing all we can to support you.


Life Coach, Sound Healer, Corneotherapist, Guided Meditation Practitioner, Skin Coach + Expert, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner.



Inspiration Place Leader

Naturopath, Corneotherapist, Skin Expert Reiki Practitioner, NLP Coach & Female Embodiment Yoga Teacher.


Inspiration Place
Co-Ordinator, Reiki Master and Front Of House.


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