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Centre in Brighton!

Hello Dear soul!
We are a Skin and Wellness Centre new to Brighton (established 26years in Kew) and thrilled be working alongside Dame Hair.
We are beyond excited to meet and care for you – in ways you have never been cared for before!

We (Pia & Taylor) are exceptional Holistic Skin Specialists, Corneotherapists, Wellness Coaches,
Educators, and Spiritual Mentors, Light Workers, ambassadors of self-love, self-connection and self-mastery + a lifetime of beauty.

We serve people in transforming both their inner and outer lives.

We are award winners with many years of experience, knowledge,
and certifications between us to powerfully serve our collective tribe, and you.

We provide potent, incredibly unique and life changing soul-based skin treatment methods,
quantum & health coaching, education, and energy therapies. This unparalleled combination of science and
spirituality therapies takes you from just superficially surviving, just getting by,
to the deep, long term thriving you have been craving.

If you’d also like to go on a deeper inner wellness journey, Pia is an expert Naturopath with a specialised focus on finding root cause, and uniting & harmonising all parts of you – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


Brighton VIC 3186

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Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday by Appointment

Each Facial with us is completely customised to your skin. We use Dermaviduals Skin Care with a range of high tech skin equipment.

Reiki, Guided meditation + sound healing is often intertwined into our facials to help take your mind in a deep state of relaxation. 

If you haven’t had a facial that combines energy healing with your experience be prepared to be speechless.

Advanced Skin treatments are available however we will only perform these on you if you have had a skin consultation first to assure you skin is healthy, happy + ready to create incredible results.  

Our Top 3 Experiences

Activate + Align Facial Experiences
$205 | $290

Corneotherapist, Skin Queen & Facial Master. Taylor will take you through the most heart warming facial experience of your life. You won’t know that you needed it until you’ve had it! Warm towels, facial and body massage, organic essential oils, professional mask application + activating serums. Luxurious, relaxing and soul nurturing is her thing. She works with all skin conditions, all ages, any gender and would love to look after you as soon you’re ready!  

Holistic Naturopathy Session With Pia
60 MIN | $299

Pia is MORE than just a naturopath. If you’re not feeling settled in your body, or your life, it is a great sign that there is something a bit óff’, NQR, some dis-ease in your body. That could be one or all of your 4 ‘bodies’ – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual that have lost their resonance, their harmony, their flow. Wellness Sessions with Pia are all about linking complex health and emotional concepts with accessible and empowering education. Her tailored and holistic approach will support you on your journey to wellness.

2:1 Double Facial Experiences
60MIN $333 | 900MIN $444

Imagine.. one therapist focuses on your facial while the other massages your whole body, gives a reiki healing + a sound bath! Receiving treatment from two people at the same time.. that’s 4 hands on you at once! It’s an experience we believe everyone should have at least once in their life. It’s special, loving, nurturing, healing and pure magic. You’ll be next level relaxed!

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About Us

Inspiration Place was birthed from the strong and highly respected foundations of Verve Skin Beauty Wellness, one of Melbourne’s premier skin clinics originally founded almost 35 years ago. We are a holistic wellness centre providing a unique and powerful integration of science, skin, naturopathy, spirituality, and other complementary therapies to find and treat ‘root cause’ so that we can transform our clients’ skin, mind, body and soul in a long term, sustainable, nourishing and evolving way.

Skin Transformations With Us


We take the time to learn what you need and want from your skin, body, wellness and life!


Together with you we explore how best to support you in your journey towards your skin, soul or wellness goals.


You will be provided with a plan to treat your concerns which may include skincare, supplement, diet changes or soul support.


We will check in with you regularly to ensure you are getting the results you desire and are doing all we can to support you.


Life Coach, Sound Healer, Corneotherapist, Beauty Therapist,  Guided Meditation Practitioner, Skin Coach + Expert, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner.



Inspiration Place Leader
Naturopath, Corneotherapist, Skin Expert Reiki Practitioner, NLP Coach & Female Embodiment Yoga Teacher.

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